Warrior C20 Remote Command&Control Center

Open a New Era of UAV Intelligent Command Center

Air-Space-Ground Synergy Command&Control Solutions  

It realizes the unified scheduling and data aggregation of the patrol tasks of multiple UAVs


Remote Command


One Key Control


Multistage Tandem


Smart Seats,Unified Scheduling

Command Center Characteristics

Remote command & control center is composed of the data server, video server, multitasking control software, analysis of intelligent information processing, management, scheduling control, and mobile command center, to realize the remote control of UAV and pod, real-time processing of front-end information judgment, scheduling and control, make the application of the UAV into the daily management process, ultimately, the unified scheduling and data collection of patrol tasks of multiple UAVs could be realized.

Real-time surveillance of UAV

5G/4G HD Graphics

Reserved professional band communication

Multi-drone scheduling management command


Front-end data quick returning

Remote control operational pod

Automatic AI analysis of big data

Remotely controlled drone flight


Police & Fire Control

A map of safe production: including visualization of dangerous enterprise, two key and one major, non-coal mine, fireworks and other dangerous information

Forest fire prevention basic information, image resources, monitoring data, risk situation one map visible


Emergency Rescue

A map of natural disasters: Break through departmental barriers, realize data sharing, and effectively dispatch resources and personnel.

Horizontal access to emergency Management Bureau, Natural Resources Bureau, Water Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, housing Bureau, a total of 5 departments; It involves four categories of data, including risk and hidden danger data, iot sensing data, emergency resource data and carrier data, which are displayed and analyzed in real time.

Emergency shift management, emergency duty management, emergency duty briefing, emergency report management, information release management

Emergency materials management (warehouse management, classification, visualization), emergency resources management (coordinated units, coordinated resources, special support)


Smart City Transportation

Background situation supervision

Real-time monitoring of UAV flight status and the current status of the apron, real-time tracking of the task execution progress, so as to facilitate the command center to monitor the UAV flight situation in real time.

The mobile terminal of UAV mobile phone APP can provide real-time video, overview of patrol tasks and overview of flight tasks of the current UAV, and realize panoramic dynamic real-time tracking anytime and anywhere.

Freeway cruise scene identification

Model recognition, parking event alarm, congestion event alarm, vehicle flow, density calculation, real-time analysis results and data AI analysis.

Spot scene identification of intersection section

Traffic statistics at fixed points of urban intersection sections, such as traffic survey at peak times, real-time analysis results and data AI judgment.

Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy