Warrior A20 Mobile Command & Control Platform

Intelligent drones, vehicle-mounted intelligent drone airports and communication command vehicles are combined to complement each other

Strong alliances complement each other

The combination of intelligent drones, vehicle-mounted intelligent drone airports and communication command vehicles


KU mobile satellite system


Cluster intercom communication system


4G/5G public network communication


Audio and video conference system


Wireless image transmission system


Vehicle-mounted intelligent UAV system


Control and data intelligent processing


Vehicle-mounted smart drone for airport

auxiliary system

electricity supply

Air Conditioning System

Office and Command System

Mobile accusation platform

Supporting W20 intelligent UAV system

Microwave high-list soldiers carry intelligence reconnaissance in the range of 1-3km

Super smart screen, wireless projection screen, electronic whiteboard, interactive display, rapid establishment of wireless audio and video conference, all kinds of information equipment to meet the needs of modern office

In-motion satellite communication system

Can establish the communication link between the corps and the department

Digital cluster intercom

Cluster intercom system for remote access

UAV multi-link fusion control

Microwave and public network automatic fusion control, high-definition image transmission

4G/5G high-speed data terminal

High-speed data real-time transmission


Vehicle-mounted smart drones for airports and command and control

UAV storage, take-off and landing, autonomous charging

One-key take-off, autonomous inspection, multi-level accusation and scheduling, ensure the immediate attendance of the drone, get rid of the dependence of the pilot, and reduce the difficulty of use

The lodging communication antenna increases the communication distance of the drone

Automatic fixation, assisted precision landing, real-time weather detection, airport status detection and control


Data intelligent processing

Video editing quickly forms the result file for easy transfer

360° panorama quick stitching

High-speed oblique photography modeling and orthophoto (results in 10-30 minutes)

Fine oblique photography modeling (results in 5-8 hours)


Mobile and efficient travel platform

Professional high-pass chassis, unrestricted by terrain

Professional vehicle integration modification, high reliability

High-power power supply equipment, easy to deal with high-altitude areas

High-power air conditioner provides a comfortable environment in extreme heat and cold

Rich information interface to meet the access of different types of products

Flexible power supply, always in the best condition

Support for matching tethered drones


Wolf Warrior A20 mobile accusation platform

"Wolf Warrior A20 mobile command and control platform" is a set of air-ground coordinated mobile command and control platform that integrates intelligent airport, remote control, data processing, and multi-task cluster control; Take-off, precise landing, reliable transportation, safe storage, automatic charging and other industry application problems.

The platform adopts artificial intelligence technology to realize the take-off and landing of the drone during the driving process of the vehicle, and realizes the drone flight control, gimbal pod control, data image processing, target locking and tracking through the in-vehicle console. And can quickly generate panoramic images, orthophotos, three-dimensional models and other industrial applications demand image information on the car.

Intelligent drone command vehicle, this system fully integrates advanced technology products such as intelligent drone, communication command vehicle, mobile command and control platform to form a three-dimensional command system that integrates air and ground, front and rear. The field provides a full range of modern practical application solutions.

Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy