Warrior W20 Intelligent UAV

Military standards, the strong are stronger


Long endurance


Big payload,RTK high precision positioning


Accurate obstacle avoidance,Precision landing


Resistance to wind and rain,Long range flight control


Automatic charging


Ultra long distance transmission


Three link communication


Multi-functional twin pod

Collaboration of space and land, strategizing thousands of miles away


Portable folding design, built-in 4G remote image transmission, sustainable work for 4-5 hours

Dual 10-inch high-brightness screen display, real-time display image and infrared thermal imaging

Visualize real-time UAV status, flight parameters, route planning, pod status, etc.

With wireless multi-terminal function, it can be connected to handheld terminals such as mobile phones and tablets for control


Support remote deployment of ground station software to work together to meet multi-user control, with its own joystick to control the onboard gimbal and pod, automatically identify the drone pod mount, and the pilot can give priority to the control authority of the aircraft or load with one key. , making mission deployment and team collaboration more flexible and flight safer.

Time Cloud UAV Management and Control Platform

TimCloud 2.0

Through the time cloud management and control platform, the drone cluster control is realized

Remote deployment of multiple ground stations and multiple command centers

Drone access, control switching, arbitrary authorization, etc.

Wolfeye series pods to meet the needs of a variety of industries

One machine with multiple functions, small size and big effect

Standard pod interface, plug and play, automatic identification of pod types, they are field "scout", real-time "monitor", 3D "modeler", communication "microphone", aerial "courier", night "lighting" "Light" and so on all come together to provide a full range of industrial drone application solutions.


Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy