Vehicular Single Frequency Multiplexing Receiver TIM2008RX2M

TFDM is one of the core devices in the networking and adopts bipolar receiving technology

TIM2008RX2M single-frequency multiplexing receiver is one of the core devices of TFDM equipment networking. It adopts bipolar receiving technology to complete simultaneous reception of up to 4 channels of wireless signals and 2 channels of local encoding input. You can choose any of 4 channels of output, and Multiplexed into single-channel synchronous stream data output, which is convenient for background transmission and editing. At the same time, it provides local 1-channel monitoring output and data encryption settings. Users can use the quick switch button to select one of the 6 channels to be monitored (multi-channel decoder (TI M-DMD2H) can be selected to monitor multiple signals at the same time). Support up to 1920X1080 60i output, and provide AV/SDI/HDMI three image interfaces to meet different needs. Optional voice reception, to achieve voice scheduling, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

车载式单频多路复用接收机 TIM2008RX2M.png

Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy