HD 2-in-1 Receiver TIM2008RX2-21

Advanced integrated circuit technology and high frequency receiver technology and spatial diversity receiver technology

TIM2008RX2-21 wireless high-definition receiver adopts 2U rack structure design, which can receive signals from 2 front-end TFDM wireless transmitters, and simultaneously output 2 independent voice, video and 1 combined AV audio and video output interface, HD-DVI It supports up to 1920x1080 60i high-definition output, and can adapt to the signal format of the front-end transmitter, so as to avoid the inconsistency of the front and rear signal formats, which will cause the image to fail to be output. Optional two-way voice intercom is convenient for the headquarters to communicate with the front-end operators, and a standard network interface is provided. , it is convenient to transmit 2 channels of signals to the superior command platform or local network monitoring through wired network, supports 500G~1TB hard disk to store image information, and has its own shock absorption function, which is convenient for the command vehicle to keep working while traveling.

TIM2008RX2-21 adopts broadcast-level decoding chip, the decoding delay is less than 30ms, the output image is colorful and true, and the decoding supports H264 High Profile Level 4.2; the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 40W, the use is simple and convenient, it supports non-line-of-sight bipolar reception, and can be used in urban areas. , sea, mountains and other complex environments to achieve high-quality mobile image reception, can be widely used in public security, armed police, fire protection, petroleum, civil air defense, transportation, maritime, water conservancy, radio and television, forestry and other industries.


Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy