HD Individual Soldier Transmitter TIM2008TXC

The transmitter adopts miniaturized design, and the output power is 0.5W~2W

HD individual transmitter. The transmitter adopts a miniaturized design method, outputs 0.5W~2W power, supports frequency 200~860M adjustable (can be customized), and can transmit the high-definition camera signal to a farther place after encoding. Encoding adopts high-quality and low-latency independent encoder, with good image quality, low delay and support for multiple delay mode selection, encoding and decoding transmission system delay within 150ms, excellent radio frequency indicators and long transmission distance, parameters can be displayed through the matching LCD screen settings to meet different needs. The transmitter is equipped with voice receiving to realize voice scheduling.

The device comes with standard HDMI, SDI, AV audio and video interfaces to meet the requirements of different signal sources, and supports the choice of left and right channels for voice and SDI or HDMI for video to meet the diverse needs of customers. 


Wolf Warrior UAV application field

Emergency Rescue, Public Security, Defense & Military, Ecological Energy