Company Profile

Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd, a total of more than 300 acres, including Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd., Chengdu War Wolf Aviation Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chengdu Timestech  Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. and many other physical enterprises. The main business of drone systems, communication command vehicles, new materials manufacturing, education and training, system integration and other related businesses.

Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd, . is located in Gaoxin West District, Chengdu. It independently develops and produces three core products such as military -level drone, communication command vehicle, and wireless chart. Products and system solutions; the company has successfully developed the world's first set of "empty world integration in the world The AI allegation system "and filling the technical gap of my country's" vehicle intelligent drone ". The company has obtained hundreds of patented technologies, dozens of industry qualifications, and military qualifications. It has obtained the title of Top Ten Fortune of UAVs and Top Ten Special Equipment Brands in the country for five consecutive years. Strategic partners of emergency departments. The company has participated in hundreds of national large -scale emergency rescue and military police protection activities including the Wenchuan Earthquake, Olympic Security, Tianjin Big Bang, Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, Wenchuan Deter Stream, Hubei Flood Anti -Rescue, etc.

Corporate purpose: Clame Starlight Avenue with the quality of the times;

Enterprise spirit: integrity, responsibility, unity, innovation, self -improvement, return to the motherland;

Corporate mission: perfectly combine wireless communication with artificial intelligence to build a human intelligent and safe world;

Enterprise Vision: Become an "Empty Heavenly and Earth Integration AI Charges System" excellent manufacturer.



2014 year

The company developed the first set of drone remote image transmission (TFDM) system for the national power grid power standing project, and obtained the invention patent of the drone image transmission system, thereby opening a dedicated high -definition image in the field of drones. widely used.

2016 year

The Warrior drone rushed to Tianjin 8.12 Big Bang to perform the rescue guarantee mission at the scene. It was the only drone that discovered the small flames in the container pile and received a written commendation of the Tianjin Fire Brigade in writing.


2017 year

The Warrior Drone passed the low -temperature flight test at a minus 40 degree low temperature in Inner Mongolia. It became the first ultra -low -temperature flight drone in the country;

2018 year

The Warrior low -altitude reconnaissance drone system reached the leading domestic and international advanced level through scientific and technological achievements.


2019 year

The National Purchasing Warrior X120 UAV aid the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and President Xi Jinping visited the same period. The Warrior Drone won the title of "Top Ten Innovative Brands" and "Top Ten Special Equipment Brands" of China UAV. Chairman Peng Yanping won the title of "Top Ten Leaders" in the Chinese drone industry.

2020 year

Warrior UAV has become the backbone of the country in many places in the country. The following year launched the Warrior S200 Sky Earth and Earth Integration AI allegation system and won the first set of "large vehicle intelligent drone systems and communication command vehicles" project, so as to thus Created a new chapter in China's vehicle intelligent drone system.

Chengdu Warrior Aviation Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Warrior Aviation Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongde Industrial Park, Pujiang County, Chengdu. It covers an area of more than 50 acres. Manufacturing base.

Chengdu Timestech Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Timestech Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in drone driving training, drone test flight, drone science popularization education and other related businesses. It covers an area of more than 200 acres and is one of the country's largest drone flight bases.