The War Wolf Drone Flying Academy belongs to the starlight of the Chengdu era. It is a national high -tech enterprise that integrates the production, service, and education of drone production, services, and education. It is a professional low -altitude reconnaissance drone training service provider authorized by the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration and the Chinese Aircraft owner and driver association (China AOPA). We have provided thousands of drone flight services in the fields of emergency rescue, public safety, national defense military and ecological energy. At the same time Excellent drone operators have laid a talent foundation for the application of various industries!

Our company adheres to the school concept of "serving service as the purpose, employment -oriented, cultivating talents for the country and enterprises, and choosing an enterprise for talents", adheres to the "combination of production and education, integration of engineering and education", extensively and positive with the state government departments, nationwide, nationwide All kinds of drone manufacturers, R & D institutions, and drones application enterprises are closely cooperated to build an internship and training base to cultivate applied talents for the society. Our company is located in the Pujiang Shixiang Lake Scenic Area of the National 4A -level scenic spot. It has a legal flight airspace approved by the military and is the "Civil Drone Driver License Training Point" authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The indoor teaching venue is 2,000 square meters, the outdoor drone flight venue is 80 acres, and the 800 -meter drone flight runway can accommodate 100 students to learn at the same time. The drone operation learning course involves the knowledge of drones, emergency rescue, power patrol, petroleum pipeline inspections, surveying and mapping, and other industries. Not only let the students learn to fly, but also understand the application knowledge of drones in the industry, adhere to the "combination of production and education, integrate engineering", so that every student can learn.