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The Wolf Warrior UAV assists the "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake relief exercise

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1657010240152031.jpgOn May 11, 2022, the Office of the Earthquake Relief Headquarters of the State Council, the National Emergency Management Department, and the Gansu Provincial People's Government held the "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake disaster relief exercise in the plateau and alpine regions in Zhangye, Gansu and other places. The exercise simulated a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, which caused large-scale house collapse and casualties. Some roads, electricity, and communications in the disaster area were interrupted, people were trapped, and landslides, reservoir dangers, dangerous chemicals leaked, and railway trains overturned. A series of secondary disasters.

With its excellent wind resistance, high altitude ability, high cold ability, intelligence and many years of practical experience, the Wolf Warrior UAV played an important role in this exercise. CCTV1, CCTV13 and other CCTV media made relevant reports.

At that time, the war wolf drone joined the extreme cold rescue exercise on the plateau

Chengdu Times Starlight Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhanlang Intelligent UAV X120 participated in the sixth "Emergency Mission 2022" exercise in the search and rescue exercise for people in distress in the extreme cold and snowy mountains on the plateau. The disaster scenario simulates a sudden earthquake in Zhangye. Affected by the strong earthquake, a landslide occurred in the Maya Snow Mountain in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwei City. Three climbers were trapped in the snow mountain and lost contact, and one person showed symptoms of hypothermia. The Ma Ya Snow Mountain is 4,447 meters above sea level and covered with snow all year round, making it extremely difficult to search for missing persons.

The Wolf Warrior UAV is the benchmark of China's industrial multi-rotor drones. Over the years, the three main models, the Warrior Wolf X120, X150, and X230, have been widely used in emergency, firefighting, and military fields. This model can be used with more than 10 models. A variety of application pods perform a variety of industry tasks. Since the launch of the first Wolf Warrior drone in 2015, it has participated in large-scale security activities such as the Tianjin explosion, the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, the Wenchuan debris flow, Hubei flood relief, and Zhengzhou floods.

In this emergency mission exercise mission, the environment is harsh, the altitude of the plateau reaches more than 4,800 meters, and the search and rescue mission is performed in the uninhabited snow-capped mountains. Ordinary drones cannot fly normally and perform specific operations. It is built without fear of severe cold and plateau climate, its carrying capacity can reach 5-25 kg, and its battery life is 40-70 minutes. It is the multi-rotor UAV with the strongest load capacity today.

The distress point of the snow mountain is about 3,700 meters above sea level, and the team can only approach it on foot. The terrain of the plateau is complex. The lower part of the mountain is covered with low and dense irrigation, the middle part is covered by glaciers and snow, and the upper part is mainly exposed rocks and wind-eroded snow. It is difficult for people to approach on foot. According to the on-site terrain, the rescuers used the Zhanlang intelligent drone X120 to immediately take off to search for the trapped people, and cooperated with various departments to carry out search and rescue.

When people are trapped in the snow-capped mountains, it is crucial to seize the time to rescue them. If the trapped people cannot be found in time, they are likely to be frostbitten or even life-threatening.

The Wolf Warrior UAV can carry military-grade infrared dual-light pods to perform precise reconnaissance missions in high altitude areas on the plateau. Its 35X visible light pods can clearly detect small targets on the ground at a distance of 200 meters, and infrared thermal imaging can be clear at altitudes above 100 meters. Detect heat source objects and measure temperature. It still maintains extremely high detection efficiency in harsh environments, and can quickly determine whether the trapped personnel have signs of loss of temperature.

At the same time, the Wolf Warrior UAV conducts rapid reconnaissance of the disaster area, transmits the pictures of the disaster area in real time, and provides a scientific basis for rescuers to plan rescue plans.

The Wolf Warrior UAV Multi-Point Drop Pod is an intelligent pod that can be programmed to deliver materials multiple times at different locations through the program. It can also be controlled and delivered on the ground at any point, and can observe aerial photography in real time. image, and implement the cross cursor positioning on the target position to achieve the purpose of accurate delivery.

Then the rescuers used the Wolf Warrior drone equipped with multi-function pods (multi-point throwing + shouting) to make real-time shouts to appease the emotions of the trapped people, and at the same time, they carried emergency insulation blankets and supplies to lower the flight height and hovered over the trapped people. Throwing operation was performed above, and emergency support materials were accurately thrown at the position of the trapped persons for self-protection, which won precious time for the arrival of rescuers. The shouting pod has a variety of intelligent application functions such as mobile phone calling, text-to-speech calling, and recording calling.

In the end, through the coordinated rescue with various departments, a safe transfer route was set up, a rescue channel was opened, the wounded were safely sent to the helicopter, and the people in distress were successfully rescued.

According to the relevant person in charge, Ma Ya Snow Mountain has high altitude, complex terrain and low temperature. Therefore, most drones cannot fly normally here. Even if they can fly, they will not fly for a long time. The Wolf UAV showed us its remarkable flying ability. Practice has proved that the Wolf Warrior UAV can not only fly, but also can complete every arduous task well.

In the past, emergency rescue in mountains required manual carpet search, which was extensive, time-consuming, costly and difficult. In this rescue activity, the real-time high-definition images returned by Zhanlang intelligent UAV effectively solved the problem of complicated terrain and structure in mountainous areas and the time-consuming manual search, which greatly improved the search efficiency and provided information for emergency rescue. ization support.

When people are missing, donkeys get lost, or perform search and rescue missions in complex terrain conditions such as snowy mountains, mountainous areas, wild, dense forests, etc., using the characteristics of long flight time, large load and high flight altitude of the Wolf Warrior UAV, it can realize large-scale Intensive search and investigation are carried out in suspicious areas in the range, and the advantages of the Times Starlight broadcast high-definition image transmission system with long transmission distance, strong anti-interference, and continuous and stable images are used to realize real-time return of the video captured by the Wolf Warrior UAV, ensuring fast Determine the building features, surrounding environment, vehicles, and location information of the target's possible location, provide reliable clues for ground forces, quickly narrow the search range, and complete emergency rescue in the shortest time.

Chengdu Times Starlight has been committed to research and exploration of rescue forces in plateau areas and alpine conditions, innovation of technical tactics, and rescue operations for key disasters.

As a new benchmark for industrial drones, Wolf Warrior UAV achieves a comprehensive balance in performance, configuration, battery life and other aspects. Only in real combat applications can the performance of industrial-grade drones be reflected! The Wolf Warrior UAV has experienced hundreds of battles, and thousands of actual combat applications have created excellent product strength.

With the release of upgraded versions of the Wolf Warrior X120 and X150 industrial drones, longer battery life, stronger load capacity, smarter mission flight, stronger mission load, and the ability to operate in seventh-level strong winds, heavy rainstorms, and low temperatures The excellent operating ability in harsh environments such as minus 40°C, once again re-establishes a new benchmark for industrial drones, and also brings new surprises to the fields of emergency rescue, national defense and military, public safety, and ecological energy.

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