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Entering alumni companies and talking about talent training - Peng Yanping, chairman of Timestech, was hired as a member of the Industrial Advisory Committee of Leeds College

Time: 2022-04-26 From: Times Starlight Views:

On the morning of April 24, 2022, Jiang Jiuwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Leeds College, Southwest Jiaotong University, and Jin Zhongmin, Dean, presented the letter of appointment to Peng Yanping, Chairman of Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd., as a member of the Industrial Advisory Committee of Leeds College. Zhang Wanning, Vice President of Timestech Technology, Huang Ji, Sales Director, Sun Nengzhi and Gou Guoshui, Regional Sales Managers, Huang Zhenyao, Assistant General Manager, Zhu Huijin and Zeng Pengfei, Heads of Marketing Department, Huang Tao, Deputy Dean of Leeds College, and Yang Yan, Chinese Head of Computer Science , Zhang Yi, a teacher majoring in electronics, Qin Na and Zhang Min, a teacher majoring in machinery, and Liu Yaoqian, director of the Teaching and Teacher Affairs Center, participated in the event.

At the appointment ceremony, Peng Yanping warmly welcomed the arrival of Leeds College and his delegation, and introduced the company's main business and future development plans. Jiang Jiuwen introduced the historical development of Leeds College, the general situation of the college, and the quality of talent training. Jin Zhongmin said that the Industrial Advisory Committee of Leeds College is one of the college's development decision-making advisory bodies. He hoped that Chairman Peng Yanping could provide the college's talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, international cooperation and exchanges from the perspective of the industry. Strategic Consulting. Afterwards, Peng Yanping led everyone to visit the headquarters of Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd and the Pujiang UAV flight base.


It is reported that Chengdu Timestech Co.,Ltd. is the country's leading supplier of "air-space-ground integrated AI command and control system" products and solutions, mainly including intelligent UAV systems, air-space-ground integrated AI command and control platform, and air-space-ground integrated AI command and control system. The three major parts of the center and the three series of core products are independently developed by the company.

The founder, Peng Yanping, graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a bachelor’s degree. He is the deputy secretary-general of the Intelligent System Committee of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence and a member of the Rocket and Missile Committee of the Chinese Academy of Ordnance Engineering. Under his leadership, Times Starlight Technology has won the national high-tech enterprise, the construction of innovative enterprises in Sichuan Province, the Chengdu enterprise technology center, the advanced unit of military-civilian integration, the top ten brands of national drones, the top 50 global drones, China's top ten special equipment brands and other titles; and has dozens of industry qualifications and military qualifications, has become a strategic cooperation unit of emergency, fire, public security, military and other departments.


Reviewer: Jiang Jiuwen  Huang    Tao

Text: Liu Yaoqian

Editor: Liu     Xiang