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Environmental Monitoring


           As the environment become worse and worse, Chinese government invests vast money in environmental protection. With the development of environmental detection module and toxic gas detection module, UAVs are more and more popular in environmental protection and may be the main trends in near future.

           Timestech Air-Ground Integration system includes UAV system, wireless video transmission system and satellite communication system, covering from point to line and to phase. Camera on the UAV can collect audio and video and transmits to receiving system 5-10km away. Single-person system in group networking can also transmit 1-3km to the receiving system. The receiving system could receiving two channel signal at same time and transmits to commanding center through satellite link.

           Apart from video recording, playback and encryption, this system also has 4G transmission function to fully cover the area and achieve audio and video interconnection. The signal is encrypted to ensure security.

1. Air monitoring in urban                                                                                             2.River monitoring and
                residential areas: UAV+ EO Camera                                                                                  waste water monitoring-UAV+ EO Camera


3. Industrial pollution                                                                                                                            
monitoring- UAV+ PM 2.5                                                                                                                      



           1.Ensuring safety of the residential area to improve life quality;

           2.Improving ecological environment of rivers, lakes and seas, to maintain sustainable development;

           3.Identifying illegal emission enterprise to avoid polluting the air and ozone to protect ecological balance of the earth.