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Police Law Enforcement

         Public security department bear important missions as counter-terrorism, anti-drug and handling various emergencies. Practice shows UAVs could help collecting and transmitting video back to ground and commanding center in case of emergency, disastrous violence etc. to improve respond, decision-making and evaluation efficiency.


         Timestech Air-Ground Integration system includes UAV system, wireless video transmission system and satellite communication system, covering from point to line and to phase. Camera on the UAV can collect audio and video and transmits to receiving system 5-10km away. Single-person system in group networking can also transmit 1-3km to the receiving system. The receiving system could receiving two channel signal at same time and transmits to commanding center through satellite link.
         Apart from video recording, playback and encryption, this system also has 4G transmission function to fully cover the area and achieve audio and video interconnection. The signal is encrypted to ensure security.


    1. Target building monitoring and                                                                                              2.Criminal tracking and
           reconnaissance in anti-terrorism: UAV+EO                                                                              monitoring-UAV+IR/EO Camera


 3. Crowd violence monitoring and evidence                                                                                      4. Large gathering
    collection-UAV+ Goods Delivery/ Air Loudspeaker                                                                             monitoring-UAV+EO Camera


                     5. Emergency Rescue-UAV+                                                                                                     2.Road Patrol- UAV+ EO Camera
 Goods Delivery/Air Loudspeaker                                                                                                                                        



         1. Powerful reconnaissance function, access to complex environment or areas where people cannot enter;
         2. Full coverage of the ground to assist police making the decision;
         3. For dangerous events or explosion accident, UAVs could locate the 
person or detect whether suitable for persons to enter, saving time and reducing casualty; 

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