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TIM-UT200-X1 Dual Screen Ground Control Station

Brand: Timestech                         Type: TIM-UT200-X1



            This product has an aluminum body, clamshell design and two screens. Left screen displays real-time video, while right screen displays real-time flight information like status, flight parameters, flight route and others. Highly integrated and convenient operation, self-carrying media forwarding server providing access for multiple users. Built-in high-capacity battery and power management system provides long working time. Excellent cooling function guarantees reliable work in different conditions. Matching with unmanned aircraft, this product can be widely applied in various complex outdoor missions in armed police, fire fighting and public security etc.


Main Features:

1.Portable folding design;

2.Built-in battery providing 4-5 hours outdoor working time;

3.Double 10’ 1000 cd/m2 highlight industrial LCD screen with light adjustment;

4.Integrated 4G video transmission function extending cross-region transmission; 

5.Built-in 2.6G dual-core industrial computer achieving software operation and monitoring, video recording and palyback, flight parameter display, flight planning and analysis etc.