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Timestech Exhibits at Chongqing Hi-tech Fair

Time:2018-10-09    From:This site    Views:

           Outdoor demo: TIM X-120 UAV, Single person system, Dual screen ground control station, Goods delivery module and 35 times zoom camera.

           Indoor exhibition: TIM X-150, TIM X-100, 3D modelling, Toxic gas detection, Air loudspeaker, illuminating module, Integrated receiver and single person system.

           Outdoor demo targets at building in the city. Unlike traditional warfare, UAVs become the pioneer in this demo for reconnaissance and goods delivery. Timestech UAV has an excellent environmental adaptability, within standing torrential rain, level 7 wind, -40℃ temperature and 5000 meter altitude. In addition, Timestech UAV is widely used in civil rescue as earthquake rescue and firefighting rescue.