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Timestech Participates in Sichuan 2018 Provincial Earthquake Rescue Drill

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          On 6th May, 2018, Timestech is invited to Participate in Sichuan 2018 Provincial Earthquake Rescue Drill. Sales director Zhu Yan, Foreign Trade Manager Roy Feng participate in this drill.

          The drill is held in Guanghan Airport. Deputy governor Yao Sidan, Secretary General Wu Song, Vice Secretary General Yan Weidong, Director of Sichuan Earthquake Rescue Bureau Huangpu Gang, Director of Sichuan Emergency Rescue Department Ren Chunyang present at this drill.

          This drill covers disaster area reconnaissance, casualty treatment, temporary resettlement and sanitation, person rescue, medicine airdrop, saving people in ruins, regional synergy and hazardous chemical disposal etc.

          This drill focuses on air rescue and air-ground synergy. Timestech exhibits X150 UAV, dual screen ground control station and various modules and wins praise from various leaders and customers.