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Timestech Participates in Sichuan Firefight Corp. Earthquake Rescue Dril

Time:2018-10-09    From:This site    Views:

         On 24th May, 2018, Timestech is invited by Sichuan Firefight Corp. for earthquake rescue drill. Commander Liu Fude is in charge of on site commanding, while political commissar Nong Youliang takes charge of commanding center for remote guide. Chief Staff Dong Shaotang participates the drill.

         the drill set a 7.0 magnitude earthquake happens 40km away from Baoxing County in mountains on 05:15am with no network. Timestech delivers X100, X120, X150 UAV, dual-screen ground control station, 3D modelling, air loudspeaker, 35 times zoom camera, illuminating module, multi-point goods delivery and portable satellite station for this drill.