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China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Comes to Timestech

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              China Innovation and Entrepreneurship is established in 2006,under direct lead of State Council Information Office and under management of China International Publishing Group.It’s an important window for innovation, entrepreneurship and communication.

              On 5th August, 2018, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship visits Timestech. The members include: Yang Dongquan, former director of National Archives Administration;Zhang Jing’an, former vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology; Yu Jinhai, former Chief Staff of Aviation Bureau;Liu Honghai, former political director of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology; Li Chaoping, Administrative director of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Colleague Wang Yajing, Huang Chao.

              Timestech CEO Peng Yanping, directs technology team and marketing team to welcome their visit. Engineering department operates a UAV demo for the customers.

Discussing Timestech UAV advantages and innovation

after the demo, they visit the assembly workshop and UAV products.

              in the meeting room, Timestech shows real-time video display from UAV and single person system.Through PPT, Timestech shows its history, product characters and its application in firefighting rescue, police etc.

              Zhang Jing’an, former vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology,gives valuable suggestion to encourage innovation and make plan to become leading company in 5 years.

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