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Timestech Sponsors Mianyang Firefight Brigade in Emergency communication Drill

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              In recent years, natural disasters have become more and more common.In order to guarantee communication in disaster areas and guide relief work,on 16th August, 2018, Mianyang Firefighting Brigade holds an unprepared emergency communicationdrill to check the communication ability and video transmission ability under no public network.Political commissar Kong Ling, Chief Staff Lv Xiaorong guide the whole drill.

              On 09;00am, natural disaster happens in Hanzeng, Jiangyou County. The drill begins.Vehicle teams include guiding car, Satcom on the move vehicle,communication equipment transportation vehicle and emergency broadcasting vehicle gather and move to the disaster area.

              during the route, emergency communication team conducts single person 4G transmission,Satcom video conference, communication networking and POC interphone test etc.Political commissar Kong Ling tests Satcom video conference system with 119 center and branches,and checks rescue work of branches through single person 4G transmission system.

              After reaching the disaster area, Political commissar Kong Ling gives orders:1. Using Timestech UAV for reconnaissance and video transmission;2. Establishing portable satellite communication station, ensuring communication and reporting;3. Erecting single person 4G video transmission system for ground reconnaissance and evaluation.

              After receiving the orders, the emergency communication team start equipment assembly and test program.Chief Staff Lv Xiaorong uses Satcom to report situation to commanding center and sends a team taking micro-UAV,single person system and handheld satellite telephone to mountains and forests.Emergency broadcasting team reports current situation to commanding center using maritime satellite tablet. 

              Mianyang firefighting Brigade emergency communication team andemergency broadcasting team have participated 6.24 Mountain Slide in Mao County and 8.8 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake rescue.This drill checks and improves responding ability of Mianyang firefighting Brigade.News from Mianyang 119 WeChat Public No.