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Timestech Sponsors Special Patrol Forces Competition

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              From 11th-14th, Sep, 2018, 22 Special Patrol Forces in Sichuan Province participates in 2018 Public Security Special Patrol Forces Competition.The competition items include comprehensive tactics, UAV, search and de-explosion, rifle shooting, and long and short gun interchangeable shooting.

              Timestech is invited to participate in UAV item competition and sponsers 6 teams like Zigong, Mianyang, Neijiang etc.UAV item includes two task: set point goods delivery and facial identification.Timestech UAV is preparing for the goods delivery.

Inserting bottled water and after checking, take-off.

The requirement is to fly a circle on the two columns and then deliver the water on center point.
These requirement is too easy for Timestech UAV.

Reach the delivery point, lower the height and deliver.

Fast return and land in the set circle.Now is the facial identification.

Set the parameters on the ground control station.


Real-time display on TV. Even to 30 times zoom in, the quality is still very clear with no loss. 
Sichuan Observation TV is impressed by Timestech UAV’s perfect performance and have an interview with the operator.
The operator gives a brief introduction of UAV and ground control station, and stresses on the importance in police, firefighting and mapping.