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            Established on Oct. 8, 2003, CHENGDU TIMESTECH CO., LTD has over 200 employees, in which more than 80 are R&D persons, with an annual output of more than 30 million USD. TIMESTECH is mainly focusing on UAV reconnaissance system, wireless video transmission system and satellite communication system. With more than 15 years’ technology accumulation, Timestech developed world-leading UAV reconnaissance system, with property rights on UAV platform, flight control algorithm, wireless data link, wireless video transmission, PTZ camera, various payloads and ground control station, and achieved more than 100 patents. 

            Timestech initiates Wireless Artificial Intelligence solution (WAI), building a commanding system from End-to-Center for emergency rescue, security and enforcement, military and defence, ecology and energy, providing competitive WAI solution, products and service for government, military, security and eco-energy, dedicating to build a smart and secure world.

            Timestech has participated in hundreds of drilling, security and rescuing activities, as reconnaissance of Tianjin Explosion Accident, Jiuzhaigou Earthquake, Wenchuan Earthquake, Beijing Olympic Security, flood rescue etc., providing a strong support for national security.

            Timestech has three product groups: wireless video transmission system, satellite communication system and UAV system. WAI solution is an integration of these three products and has already applied in police, fire fighting, armed force, water conservancy, electricity, military and civil air defence. With technology in wireless communication, artificial intelligence, video processing, flight control algorithm, aerodynamics and material science, Timestech has developed UAV reconnaissance and remote sensing system, reconnaissance and strike UAV, and Air-Ground mobile commanding platform.

            TIMESTECH has hundreds of proprietary rights in wireless communication and artificial intelligence and has been awarded numerous qualifications and honors, as Top 10 UAV Brand in China, contracted supplier of UAV and wireless video transmission system for Public Security Department of China. Marketing area reaches everywhere in China and tens of foreign countries, including Southeast Asia, Middle East and European Union.

            Timestech adheres to Using times quality to cast bright future and strive to provide high-tech and quality product. At the same time, Timestech adheres to self-improvement and serve the motherland enterprise spirit, and manages its development under strengthen the country and make nation safe guidance.

            A single spark can start a prairie fire; unite to build a great cause; using technology to promote human progress are our corporate value. Every person is a spark. We are always working together to serve all mankind.

            Corporate Mission: Wireless communication to be infinite possibilities

            Corporate Vision: To be world famous Wireless Artificial Intelligence solution provider