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Corporate Culture:

Result oriented; keep the promise; Go all out and persevere

Corporate Spirit:

Self-improvement and serve the motherland. Honesty and trustworthy, hard Work and progress

Corporate Mission:

Wireless communication to be infinite possibilities

Corporate Vision:

To be world famous Wireless Artificial Intelligence solution provider

Corporate Object:

Integrating wireless communication and artificial intelligence to develop suitable intelligent product for human progress and become world famous Wireless Artificial Intelligence solution provider.
World-leading UAV brand in 2020;
5 world famous brands in 2030.

Employee Quality:

Timestech advocates harmonious and simple interpersonal relationship, advocate honesty, trustworthy, energetic and enterprising.

Working Principle:

 Move forward with no fear; Teamwork and progress together;
Always focusing on customers’ interest, providing best product and service

Business Philosophy: 

Quality and honesty based, establish brand in customer

Corporate Value:

A single spark can start a prairie fire; unite to build a great cause; using technology to promote human progress
Every person is a spark. Timestech unites all these sparks.
Continuous developing high-tech products to improve human power and life level.

Corporate ethics: 

strive to be best; no suppress on competitors; make competitor friend and unite to make contributions.